Roxem, revetement durable et pavage imitant la pierre naturelle

Le mortier hydraulique coulé sur site
pour une voirie durable et sécurisée

Hydraulic mortar poured on-site
for safe, long-lasting roadways



  • ROXEM is a hydraulic mortar poured on-site for safe, long-lasting roadways

    A biconstituent mortar paste with a hydraulic binder base, dmineral fillers and liquid additives for attractive, long-lasting road surfacing.

    • Paving, tiling and borders that look just like natural stone or concrete.
    • Road signage:  pedestrian crossings, arrows, logos, bus stop clearways, etc.

    ROXEM is poured directly on-site on an existing coating. ROXEM is poured directly on a mesh frame that can be cut to size, after colouring if required and surface treatment, to create any type of long-lasting road surfacing.
    Download the technical instructions in PDF format

  • The environmentally-responsible solution for road improvements

    Protects the environment
    • Uses fewer natural resources (9kg/m2)
    • Reduces greenhouse gases (less CO2)
    • No methacrylic resins, phtalates or volatile organic compounds
    • Reduces waste – 100% recyclable
    • Reduces noise and toxic smells

    Improves quality of life
    • Wide range of shapes and colours to make public spaces more attractive
    • Reduces traffic sounds
    • Nonslip, reflective and tactile, making it safer for users, particularly the visually impaired (SRT > 0.70)
    • Area can be reopened to traffic within 24-72 hours

    Optimises site costs
    • Less transportation and handling
    • Quick to install with thin layer pouring (2-4mm)
    • On-site application with no demolition of existing substrate required
    • Surface strengthening of wearing courses (10-20 years)
    • Low maintenance (no grass or moss in between joins)
    Less arduous work
    Reduction of occupational risks (musculoskeletal disorders)

    Participation in research into on-road signage for the visually impaired.

    • Fewer raw materials = less transportation
    • No large machinery required
    • Solvent-free cleaning
    • Recyclable

    The product has been tested conclusively in heavy traffic conditions in accordance with European standards.
    This safe, high-quality product is highly robust and long-lasting

  • Results from French public works research laboratory

    5 July 2010

    Hardwearing, safe, long-lasting – see the results
    See the lab report
     Resultat Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussés

  • ROXEM : step by step