Roxem, revetement durable et pavage imitant la pierre naturelle

Le mortier hydraulique coulé sur site
pour une voirie durable et sécurisée

Hydraulic mortar poured on-site
for safe, long-lasting roadways


Who are we ?

STYLROC Concept: An environmentally-responsible partner in road improvements 

A meeting between Paul GAVARD from the public works sector and Jean Marie CHRETIEN, who specialises in cement and mortar additives.

Road-surfacing specialist Paul GAVARD has carried out many studies and research to reduce road surfacing issues such as road heave and premature wear and tear while looking for an environmentally-friendly solution to meet the requirements of public authorities and consultancy firms.
Jean Marie CHRETIEN comes from the mortar and cement additives industry and has expertise in hydraulic binders.

Paul GAVARD and Jean Marie CHRETIEN of the company STYLROC Concept spent 
10 years researching and 7 years carrying out conclusive testing to develop ROXEM, a hydraulic mortar poured on-site used in the design of safe and long-lasting road surfacing that has now been approved by independent laboratories.

In the last 7 years, thousands of square meters have been poured in Brittany, meeting the needs of public authorities in terms of road improvements.

ROXEM is being rolled out throughout the country with a network of contractors trained and accredited by STYLROC Concept, to ensure the highest quality application of ROXEM

Research laboratory
STYLROC Concept listens to project managers and actively participates in various projects, particularly specific studies such as signage for the visually impaired..

 Paul Gavard

Paul Gavard

Jean-Marie Chrétien

Jean-Marie Chrétien

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